How to Remove DHT From Scalp? Top 5 Tips

How to remove DHT from scalp? With all the hair treatment regimens, hair extensions, hair straightening procedures, perming, rebond, ironing and a lot more, everything is possible when it comes to hair. However, there isn’t much for baldness still.

How to remove DHT from scalp? What is DHT anyway? Baldness is something not everyone likes – especially if you’re a woman. However, baldness is rampant among men. Baldness in men usually indicates the early ripening of old age thus science is figuring out ways on how to solve this ever growing dilemma. So what is DHT? DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, is a familiar name to men. DHT is a male hormone, specifically male sex hormone, responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics – as in testosterone. However, DHT is more involved in hair loss. How to eliminate DHT from scalp? How to remove DHT from scalp? Here are five important tips.

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1. It is important that you’d remove DHT from scalp to improve blood circulation in the hair follicles. When there is sufficient blood circulation, your scalp as well as hair follicles can receive the necessary nutrients as well as oxygen and fuel to build hair again. With DHT, that is not possible. Moreover, there’s a deluge of effective hair growth shampoos in the market. There are products like Revivogen Bio-Cleansing is geared to remove DHT and promote hair growth.

2. Other effective hair growth shampoos that combat DHT include Nioxin System, with specific indications for fine and coarse hair, thinning, and not thinning. Dermedonex, meanwhile, contains adenosine to stimulate hair growth for deeply seated follicles.  Therapy G Antoixidant, on the other hand, concentrates on the elimination of DHT. You can choose from a variety of shampoos or you can try samples of it and settle on a shampoo that best fits your scalp.

3. When it comes to herbal ways to promote hair growth, you can utilize the miracles brought by saw palmetto. According to Ad Hair, the herb specifically attacks DHT and prevents cells to take in DHT. Another equally effective treatment is pumpkin seed oil, rich with zinc and iron as well as essential oil, which is good for your scalp.

4. Soy isoflavones block DHT by cutting cholesterol in the bloodstream. Cholesterol contributes to hair loss. Thus to prevent hair loss, it is best to cut cholesterol too. Soy isoflavones is seen in food such as soy protein like tofu and soy milk.

5. If your hair continues to recede, you might want to consult a doctor, or a dermatologist, and they might prescribe proper medication for your hair loss. Now, how to remove DHT from scalp? These are the ways.

Image Credit: Flickr (creative commons)

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